Donald & Eugenia have converted Fear a’bhàta to convey up to 12 passengers for sporting activity, heritage and varied ecological interests.

Fear a’bhàta fished for 30 years in the waters of the Hebrides, and is well suited to acting as a mother boat for sportsmen eg [kayakers, and a base to explore the culture and heritage of the southern Hebrides

Our modes of operation allow for booking from single individuals, to a group to hire the whole boat

Fear a’bhàta
started life as a traditional larch-on-oak Scottish fishing boat, built by Forbes of Sandhaven in 1964 to operate on the Firth of Clyde herring fishery by the ring net method

Fear a’bhàta has been completely converted to convey up to 12 passengers.



We are based in Banavie, 3 miles from Fort William; here are some of the Fort’s attributes

  • The Outdoor capital of the UK
  • One of the classic mountaineering centres, close by which are the Ben Nevis, and Glencoe ranges
    • Distinct from direct landward access, we have the ability to access Glencoe and Ben Nevis, by the fjord lochs of Loch Leven and Loch Etive
  • Excellent transport links
    • Rail, and bus to Glasgow
    • Bus to Inverness [2 hrs], Mallaig [1 hr], Oban [1 hr]
    • Sleeper. embark London and wake up in Fort William [our cruises take into account this timetable
  • At the south west entrance to the historically strategic Great Glen, which was and is the route across Scotland, via Fort Augustus
  • The Great Glen is the route for the Caledonian Canal [on which we are based] to Fort Augustus at the southern end of Loch Ness, and northwards to Inverness, and the North Sea

Here are some of our features:-

  • At deck level, a pilothouse/saloon offers 36 degree visibility.
  • Below deck there is an integral saloon/galley.
  • The integral wheelhouse/pilothouse adapts to a single area seated saloon
  • There are two shower toilets
  • The survey/wildlife observation deck is safely accessed from within the wheelhouse
  • Our deck has been kept clear to be able to have all round access, and ability to convey kayaks and other small boats
  • Accommodation is in:-
    • 1 x3/4 [Family room]
    • 1 x 4
    • 2 x 2 person cabins

who we are


»   A career [4 decades +] & life geologist, in the fields of training, petroleum, & environmental

»   Worked and trained in Europe, Africa [Mahgreb & sub Sharan], Middle East & Europe

»   Conducted Geological Field trips in different continents, & in particular Scotland [Scotland is well known the place where many of the modern geological prcesses were worked out; it has a huge and varied range of geology in a small area

»   Owner, manager & skipper of Fear a Bhata [controlling interest in the company that owns the boat]



Donald’ qualifications

  • Wide experience as a teacher, trainer & lecturer
  • RYA Coastal Skipper, Certificate of competence, with commercial endorsement
  • VHF Radio
  • Long range radio
  • RYA radar course
  • ML5 Medical
  • SWFC First Aid
  • Survival
  • Cummins Diesel engine
  • Private Pilots Licence
  • Royal Institute of Health & Hygiene Certification


»   Teacher & Government Officer in Nigeria, prior to coming to UK

what we are

We are committed to using the facility of Fear a bhata, so that others may share in the dream of our project, to help and enhance lives

who we work with


Rockhopper have teamed up with us, to provide equipment and personnel on our week kayak cruises. Fear a bhata is loaded with the kayaks, so that we can then choose, with regard to the weather condition, and our kayakers, where, from our range of paddling locations, we actually go, on that day.

Fear a bhata provides accommodation and  mother boat safety

Rockhopper also offers half, full or multi day sea kayak trips through some of the most spectacular coastal, mountain and island scenery in Scotland!

Sea Kayaking is a fantastic way to explore the Scottish Coastline and a truly exhilarating form of travel.

The area around Fort William is rich in wildlife and you may be lucky enough to encounter seals, otters, basking sharks and a huge variety of coastal birds. Whether you are new to water sports or experienced in sea kayaking, we will provide an unforgettable experience. Families, groups and individuals are all welcome.

Many of our other trips take place around The Sound of Arisaig and  Glenuig area, these are well known as some of the finest destinations to paddle in the country








Seb Coulthard FRGS

»   15 years Royal Navy as  Petty Officer, martime aviation, left 2016

»   Service in the South Pacific, the Middle East and Antarctica

»   Crew member of the Shackleton Epic’s team.

– Set up at the behest of The  Hon. Alexandra Shackleton

– First expedition in history to faithfully recreate Sir           Ernest Shackleton’s small boat voyage across the Southern Ocean

– Screened on Discovery Channel.

»   Regular lecturer on Shackleton history, Whaling industry history, British military actions and Mt. Everest mountaineering.

»   Winters on Antarctic expedition ship, as lecturer

»   Summer cruises [in conjunction with Fear a bhata] in the west Scotland sailing the J Caird [built with the sole purpose of keeping the great polar explorer’s legacy alive through  adventure sailing excursions.


Seb’s Website


Contact Seb


+44 7960 479485

Seb’s qualifications

  • Accomplished aeronautical engineer
  • Outdoor First Aid instructor
  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
  • former GB Chapter Chair for The Explorers Club
  • Joint recipient of the Royal Institute of Navigation

Certificate of Achievement

  • Joint RYA & Union Internationale

Motonautique powerboat world record



Seb’s Interests

  • To promote the spirit of adventure survival


John Huxtable

John has kindly agreed to advise us, and participate in, our adventure training and courses, and in particular for those in recovery

»   3 years, Team Leader, for Fairbridge Trust, Fairbridge Solent & Venture Trust

»   Canoed UK, Europe, White Nile


John’s qualifications

  • Mountain Leader Training Board
  • Climbing – Single award & Sea cliff assessment
  • Mountain Leader Summer & Winter
  • Scottish Canoe Association
  • Aspirant Level 5 White water Kayak
  • Level 3 Open Canoe
  • Level 3 Sea Kayak
  • 5*WW Kayak, Sea Kayak & Open Canoe


John’s interests

  • The application of outdoor adventure training to persons in recovery


Contact John